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Asleep at the Switch
Asleep at the Switch makes a great combo with any card that causes your opponent to gain life points - when they do, you get to destroy one of their monsters!


Kuribon is perfect with Asleep at the Switch - you take no damage, your opponent gains Life Points, and you get to take out one of their monsters!

Burning Algae is great to use with Asleep at the Switch - you can even send it to the graveyard for a summon, and still destroy one of your opponents monsters!

Burning Algae

Montage Dragon is totally cool because it can make decks with strong monsters work for you twice - first to summon Montage Dragon, then pull them out of the graveyard to use on the field!

Enishi takes a bit to summon, but it's worth it.  Once you have him on the field, you can target and destroy 1 face-up monster per turn!  Who needs to attack when you can just destroy your enemy...



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